Advanced Q-switched laser system, CuRAS provides the optimal performance for the treatment of tattoos, melasma, non-ablative resurfacing and pigmented lesions. Furthermore, its dual wavelengths, 1064/532nm with 3 different hand pieces allow physicians to select a wide range of applications to each of your patient’s need increasing the effectiveness of the treatment.

Effective :
PTP mode delivers the high peak energy into twin pulse with short intervals for a faster and safer treatment by minimizing the risk of side effects and pain during treatment.
A precise and stable energy with uniform beam profile irregardless of long term operation.

Fast Up To 15Hz






CuRAS optimum speed, can reach up to 15 Hz in Q 1064 mode and PTP 1064 with Spot Size up to 10 mm. Optimal speed for Hair Bleaching.

Top Hat Beam Profile






The even hat shape of beam profile of CuRAS means that the beam quality is uniform. CuRAS can deliver uniform and accurate – high quality beam – on the target area for safety and effectiveness.

Fractional Handpiece
An optional fractional hand piece reduces the pain and side effect by decreasing thermal damage in the dermis and allows for quicker healing and recovery time.

6 Different Modes of CuRaS:
1. Q 1064 – Break and destroy chromophore with high peak power . (Pigment lesion of Deep dermis )
2. PTP 1064 – Photo acoustic Twin plus with 100us interval . ・ Q532 : Spot and red tattoo removal on superficial skin .
3. FR 1064 – Heating and stimulating chromophore for toning, delivers heat to deep dermis layer to stimulate collagen.
4. M 1064 – Expert Melasma Treatment Mode (Curas Patent Melasma treatment for skin type 4 to 6).
5. A 1064 – Designed for onychomycosis treatment. 30hz of short laser is radiated in 1 seconds with 50ms interval.




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